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TRA-04 Marine Passenger Seats To India

TRA-04 Marine Passenger Seats Are Ready To Be Shipped To India

Trasea accomplish another marine passenger seats project for a India ship builder.
It is the first time we supply marine passenger seats to this Indian company, The company has been providing In-situ machining solutions for over four decades for industries such as steel,diesel power, thermal power, marine.Trasea as a well-recognized and professional organization is thought as the best choice to produce the marine passenger seats for their hovercraft.

Client choose the TRA-04 fixed backrest marine passenger seats for their hovercraft. TRA-04 is the most popular type especially for business class. The headrest two color combination desgin increase the appearance of the marine passenger seats. The extra wide foam of cushion and backrest fully surround the passengers providing extra space and privacy for passengers. The armrest material is well anodised aluminum.The surface is smooth and glossy. Unlike the economy seats 40mm width armrest, the TRA-04 marine passenger seats armrest is 50mm width.It not only bring more comfort but also increase the space between each seat. TRA-04 type marine passenger seats is high back design which can fully support passenger’s waist ,back,and also the head. It offers maximum comfort and creating an impressive visual arrangement.

The seat cover is fire retardant vinyl.It is very comfortable and durable. Most importantly, it is very easy to maintain. Various colors available to meet the special cabin design and different ship owners’ preference.

Trasea is the leading marine seats manufacturer in China. We have been cooperating with clients from more than 50 countries and accomplishing marine passenger seats for 100 vessel each year. We work together with many world famous brand with different natures including ship builder, ship owner, ship designing ,and even ferry service companies.Trasea deeply knows client’s requirement and always consider standing in the position of the client to develop custom-made solutions.

If you are in need of marine passenger seats, Please contact us immediately , Trasea trained employee will take fast response and provide most professional technical support. You can also learn from below articals about our marine passenger seats.

Four common outdoor passenger boat seats

Four common outdoor passenger boat seats

Some passenger boats and ships have outdoor area which placed passenger seat.Passengers can take a rest after diving and sightseeing. Unlike the indoor passenger seats, The outdoor passenger boat seats will face the sunshine and rainy weather directly without any protection. So the material used for these seats must be special to ensure its long service life.

The frame material of passenger boat seats must be aluminum which is the same as indoor seats. It includes aluminum track, beams, legs and armrest. The main difference is the seat cushion and backrest.Below are the common outdoor passenger boat seats widely used in various vessels.

First, plastic passenger boat seats. The plastic seats is made of ABS with two stainless steel inside to increase the strength. The plastic seats can stand all weathers and it is UV resist. It is extremely easy to maintain. Plastic seat with Trasea aluminum frame loved by many shipowners in Philippines during these years.
Moreover, the plastic passenger boat seats is the most cost saving type among Trasea Catalogue.


Second ,Aluminum seat cusion and backrest passenger boat seats. This type is Trasea newly developed. The cushion part and backrest part is one whole. There are holes in the middle to reduce the weight and will not store water on the seats. The aluminum seat is absolutely high strength and can take any harsh environment.

aluminum outdoor marine seats -

Third, textilene fabric passenger ( boat ) ship seats. Textilene fabric is widely used for outdoor furniture, This mesh fabric is durable and long-lasting, it is ideal for applications that require high tensile strength along with breathability and flame resistance. Fabric is highly resistant to rot and mildew, colorfast, easy to clean and quick drying. Although there is no foam in the sitting part and backrest part. It is the most comfortable seats for outdoor.


Forth, marine bench seats. Some ship owners choose bench seats for their outdoor seats, The bench seats also made of casting aluminum with wooden coated. The width can be custom made. Armrests can be installed on the two ends. This marine bench seats is also durable and suitable for all weather. Easy maintaining is another advantage of this seats

marine bench seats

Trasea supply different types passenger boat seats. All types are Trasea Independent design and development. Trasea provide one stop solution for passenger boat seating solution for clients all over the world. Send email to us our service team will contact you within 30 minutes.

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Business Class Passenger Boat Seats

Business Class Passenger Boat Seats

There are economy class and business class for many passenger boats. The economy class passenger seats quantity is more than business class, while the passenger seats in business class is much more luxurious than it in economy class.

First of all , the passenger boat seats in business class usually are reclining backrest. It allows passengers to lie down and take a good rest during the journey.

Second, the cushion of the passenger boat seats for business class are normally wider than it in economy class. The cushion width must be at least 470mm to give extra space for passengers.

Third, the armrests of the passenger boat seats should be 80mm wide. A foldable snack table can be hidden into the armrest. Passengers can have meals at their own space at any time.

Life jacket bag , document pocket, safe belt and other accessories can be equipped as required for passenger boat seats in business class.

Some ship owners choose use cow leather upholstery for their passenger boat seats in business class. It will tremendously improve the seat level since the cost of cow leather is much higher than synthetic leather or fabric. What’s more it will also increase the body comfort when sitting on it.

We highly recommend Trasea TRA-04, TRA-08, TRA-08 Pro for business class passenger boat seats. Trasea produce and supply passenger boat seats for more than 20 years cooperate with many shipyards all over the world. The durable and easy maintaining passenger boat seats are praised for years.

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Best Ferry Chairs for Economy Class

Best Ferry Chairs for Economy Class

Ferry chairs is the most important part when it comes to ship outfitting. The ferry chairs value is always on the top of the purchasing list. However, Purchasing the proper ferry chairs never gonna be easy.

First we need to know, almost all the ferry chairs are aluminum frame. There are two reasons why it should be aluminum. first, Aluminum is corrosion resist and it is the best material to stand sea environment. second it is lighter than other material. The strength of the aluminum must be ensured. The ferry chairs dynamic load test must be conducted under the rules of IACS.

Since it is economy class, cost saving should be be taken into consideration. We can choose some less luxury ferry chair. Though the ferry chair is not luxury , comfort can never be ignored. Nowadays, the foam cushioned ferry chair is still the top one choice for most passenger ferry economy class. The upholstery can be fabric and synthetic leather, the fabric is more durable than synthetic leather and synthetic leather is easier to maintain.

The ferry chairs for economy class don’t need to be too luxury,so the cushion width of the ferry chairs normally are 450mm. the seat pitch is 850mm for fixed seat and 1000mm for reclining seat.

We have many options for ferry chairs armrests installation.
Armrests can be installed at two ends, it will reduce the width of a single row.
Armrests installed between every seat and two ends will give each passenger private space.
There are two types of armrest, one is open armrest, and the other is closed armrest. Ship owner can choose by their own preference.

Almost every ship owner or ship builder require to have a bag under the ferry chairs to storage life jacket. First it is very convenient for passenger to fetch it in a emergency. Second. We don’t need to find any other space to storage life jacket. Usually , The life jacket bag are custom made according to the life jacket dimension to make sure the bag fit the life jacket perfectly.

Trasea TRA-02 , TRA-03 are the most popular ferry chairs used in many passenger vessels all over the world. Client can choose any color they like to match the interier design of their passenger vessel. Most importantly. they are very durable and easy to maintain. The service life can be 10 years.

Trasea as the leading manufacturer for ferry chairs in China will constantly offer the best ferry chairs at at competive price for ferry operator and ferry builder all over the world.

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Ferry Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Ferry Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Ferry seats is a kind of passenger seats specially used in passenger vessels. It is the most important item when it comes to ship outfitting. The proper ferry seats will not only increase the vessel decoration level but also give passengers ultimate comfort during the jouney.

Unlike other passenger seats, We have some special requirement for ferry passenger seats to stand the sea environment and and keep passengers safety. What’s more. ferry seats must meet the rules of IACS and other Organization in different countries. The two main tests must be conducted are fire retardant testing and dynamic load test. The fire retardant is according to IMO FTP Code Part 8 and the dynamic load test is according to lnternational Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft, 2000 (2000 HSC Code) Annex 10 – Criteria for Testing and Evaluation of Revenue and Crew Seat.

All seat frame must be aluminum material. First aluminum is corrosion resist in sea environment. Secondly, aluminum is light weight compared with iron and steel material. It can minimize the weight of complete ferry seats to save fuel.
The foam and upholstery must be fire proof and pass the testing under IMO rules.

The ferry seats are made of different parts including track,legs, beam,armrest and seats. Usually they are loose package, When we assemble different parts together the ferry seats come out.

Ferry seats have various seating configuration depending on the general arrangement such 3 seats in a row. 4 seats in a row, 5 seats in a row, 6 seats in a row. Normamlly 2 or 3 legs for one row. The armrests are fixed at two ends of a row and a shared armrest between each seats.

There are also different accessories to the ferry seats. Some are for passengers safery, some is to bring passenger extra comfort during the trip. Some accessories are standard equipped. for example, life jacket bag under the seats to storage life jacket. the storage bag can be custom made according to the life jacket dimension. Document pocket , magazines, newspapers and other brochure can be put in the document pocket. Headrest cover, since it is very easy to get dirty on the headrest part of the seats. We can use a fabric to protect the headrest from getting dirty.

Some accessories can be equipped according to clients special requirement.
Cup holder for passengers to place their cups or beverages.
Snack table for passengers having meals during the trip.
Safe belt to ensure the passengers safety.
Grab handle bring passenger convenience when walk on the ferry.

The seat cushion width is 450mm,the armrest can be 40mm or 50mm, some armrest for VIP seats can be 80mm.
The ferry seats can be fixed backrest and reclining backrest. Reclining ferry seats can be backward 200mm.

Two common materials of the ferry seats upholstery are fabric and artificial leather. Both material must be flame proof. Sometimes ferry seats in VIP room will use cow leather. Different colors of upholstery are available. Client can choose the color according to their own preferences and interier design of their passenger ferry.

Many passenger ferries have exterier seats and interier seat. For interier ferry seats, usually in main deck and upper deck indoor area. For exterier ferry seats. usually on upper deck outdoor area. The material used for exterier ferry seats must stand the rainy and sunny weather. Three materials are normally used for exterier ferry seats plastic , aluminum, textilene.

Ferry seat as a very special industry. only a few manufacturers in the world can produce it. Now more and more trading companies and distributors came out. It is advisible to cooperate directly with the manufacturer. First, manufacturers can offer more competitive price. Second quality can be guaranteed.

Trasea as one of the world leading manufacturer in ferry seats industry. They have 20 years experience producing and supplying ferry seats to more 80 countries. Many clients bought their ferry seats more than 5 years ago, The ferry seats are still in perfect condition. What is more, Trasea ferry seats price is most competive compared with other suppliers. Most importantly,they offer 3 years warranty. Any damage to the ferry seats within 3 years. They will make you a new seats to replace it.

business Ferry seats

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Five Steps to Install Ferry Seats

Five Steps to Install Ferry Seats

Since we the ferry seats is loose package. We need to install and assemble the ferry seats when we receive the order. Here is the procedure show you how to install Trasea ferry seats.

Step one:Fix the ferry seat tracks

The first step is fixing the track on the deck. Some measurements need to be taken into account when
deciding on the position of the seat track on the deck.

A) Distance from front / back of leg to end of track (minimum of 200mm)
B) Distance from rear of leg to wall (minimum can be taken from approval drawings, Note: reclining seats need more room – refer to approval drawings)
C) Seat Pitch (typically around 900mm)
D) Distance from centre of leg to end of beam (shown on approval drawings)
E) Leg centres (shown on approval drawings)
F) Distance from centre of leg to wall (minimum of ‘D + 10mm’ assuming a vertical wall)

1) Place track in position on deck. Ensure that any deck covering (e.g. Carpet, vinyl, etc) is removed to allow the inner flange of the seat track to fit flush against the deck – Refer to figure 1.4 below.
2) Secure at either end with a self-tapping screw to prevent the track moving out of place.
3) Drill 6.5mm holes at 50mm spacings into deck through the holes in the track that are pre-punched and countersunk. Lift track up and clear all aluminium filings so it sits flush to deck. Note: Track is pre-punched every 25mm but only countersunk every 50mm.
4) Monobolt track to deck at 50mm spacing.
5) Remove self-tapping screws at either end of the track and drill 6.5mm holes into deck.
6) Place track ends under seat track at either end and monobolt track to deck through both holes.
7) Mark on the track the position of where the backs of all the legs will go – Refer to figure 1.2, measurement ‘C’.
8) Three extra monobolts must be used at the back of the leg, 1 being forward of the rear of leg and the other two being aft of the rear of leg. Mark each extra hole – Refer to figure 1.5 / 1.6 below.
9) Drill the three extra 6.5mm holes for each leg through the deck, then countersink the holes.
10) Monobolt track to deck through each extra hole.
11) Proceed to fit legs.

Step two:Fix the ferry seat legs

1) Insert the leg bolts (bracket) from the end of the track and move it to correct position.Ensure mounting brackets are upright and vertical to the track.
2) Place leg over the bracket. Remove the bolts and nuts from the bracket.Ensure the ends of bracket 10mm higher than the leg

ferry seats tracks
ferry seats legs

Step three:Fix the ferry seat beam

1)There are eight holes at the back of the beam. Ensure that all the holes are positioned correctly. There will be two empty holes at the end of beams at each side when the beam is placed correctly.
2) Insert 4 pieces of diameter Ø10mm flat washers into the brackets and fasten with M10 nuts.

ferry seats beams

Step four:Assemble the ferry seat armrest

1) Place the armrest on the end of beam.Make sure the armrest holes and beam holes overlapped.
2) Insert 2 pieces of M8 round head screws from the armrest holes.
3) Fasten the armrest and beam with M8 washer and nuts

Step five: Fix the ferry seat on the beam.

1) Insert the front of the seat and latch it to the beam.
2) Lower the seat so that the seat bolts can pass through the holes in rear of the beam.
3) Fasten the seat with washer and nuts.

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Passenger Boat Seats Delivered to Indonesia Shipyard

Passenger Boat Seats Delivered to Indonesia Shipyard

2022 is another hard year in China for passenger boat seats manufacturing due to covid 19. Thanks to the China government hard working , we are glad everything return normal now. The passenger boat seats production and shipment are operated as usual.

We are please that we eventually finished the production of the passenger boat seats for a Indonesia shipyard in this hard time and ready to be shipped out.

This is the third project Trasea cooperated with this shipyard. Trasea high quality product and good service always help us win repeated orders.

This time, shipyard choose TRA-04 for the business class. The details as below
5 seats row configuration.
Synthetic leather for upholstery chose by client.
Closed armrest between each seat and at two ends.
Each seat equipped with safe belt to maximum the passengers safety.
Each seat with a bag under the seat to storage life jacket.
Document pocket at the back of the seat.
Headrest cover to keep head part to be clean.

All the passenger boat seats are aluminum frame which can stand 12G vessel acceleration.
All the passenger boat seats are IMO HSC complied.
The upholstery an foam is fire retardant which test approved.
Trasea provide 3 years warranty for all passenger boat seats.

Whether you are in need of passenger boat seats for your new built ferry or refurbishing your passenger ferry. Trasea is always your first choice.
Trasea provide free design and samples for shipyards and ferry service companies all over the world.

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Top 5 Ferry Seats Manufacturer in the World

Top 5 Ferry Seats Manufacturer in the World

Ferry seats is a kind of passenger seats used in ferry main deck and upper deck. It is a small industry specially for passenger ferry. There are only a few real manufacturers in the world produce ferry seats. Most suppliers you may see is just trading companies or distributors. Below is top 5 ferry seats manufacturers in the world.

Beurteaux is a family company established in 1954 in Australia. Beurteaux seating solutions and accessories have been fitted to over 900 vessels throughout the world.Beurteaux take the lead in the development of testing techniques and procedures.International safety standards for the ferry seats industry reflect the need to evaluate passenger safety.Beurteaux have worked with many ship builders, operators and surveyors around the world to meet each regulators requirements specific to that region such as ABS – American Bureau of Shipping,Hong Kong Marine Department,USCG – United States Coast Guard,JG – Japanese Government,CCS-Chinese Classification Society,See-BG – Seeberufsgenossenschaft – Germany,AMSA – Australian Maritime Safety Authority,MMF – Marine Marchand Francaise

Springfield was founded In 1952 by the Late Garnett Carnahan as marine market that developed across the USA.As the company grew and opportunities opened in Asian Markets, Their first factory opened in China in 1990. Unlike beurteaux,Springfield also produce yacht seats.To ensure quality and customer satisfaction, they have continuously obtained the following authentications:
Certificate of type approval of China Classification Society (CCS)
DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate (DNV)
Type Approval Certificate

Georg Eknes Industrier AS is located in Norway a manufacturer and designer of seats for ships and fast ferries. Georg Eknes Industrier AS, founded in 1952 by Georg Eknes, is a traditional family business. all ferry passenger seats are designed by award-winning designers to the highest standard of quality, safety and comfort. All ferry seats surpass material fatigue requirements under real conditions, firetesting according to IMO and testing with static and dynamic loads. Our passenger seats are statically and dynamically tested in accordance to International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft, 2000 – Annex 10.

UES Marine is a family-owned company passionate about excellence for present and future development of ingenious seating design and marine solutions in both the United States and Australia.Since 1904 UES Marine have designed and made products in Australia. In 2007 UES Marine expanded to North America to serve and solve the needs of the International market. Their in-house design and engineering team constantly pursue outstanding performance with an improved process, advanced materials and new technology.

Trasea Marine is leading ferry seats manufacturer in China. Trasea ferry seats are widely in Southeast Asia.Trasea is a 20 years manufacturer specialize in ferry seats industry with a world leading R&D team and 20 years experiences workers.Trasea cooperated with clients from more than 80 countries and establish long term relationship with many world famous shipyards (Austal) and ship owners (2GO TRAVEL).  Trasea Marine offer various ferry seats at affordable price for shipyards and shipyard all over the world. Trasea ferry seats have a long service life to 10 years, what’s more Trasea offer 3 years warranty for all the ferry seats Trasea produced.

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The Ferry Seats Components and Its Material

The Ferry Seats Components and Its Material

Ferry seats is composed of different parts including seat skeleton, beams , legs ,armrest , tracks and ect. When we assemble all these parts together, the ferry seats come out.Ferry seats is most important part for ship outfitting. The ship owners always pay much attention on the material used for ferry seats. The ship owner choose appropriate ferry seats material not only for the class approval but also for the long service life. Below is the materials used in diferent part of a ferry seat.

Seat skeleton

The seat skeleton must be made of aluminum tube. Firstly the aluminum tube is light weight compared with iron and steel tube. Secondly aluminum tube is much more durable than iron and steel tube due to its corrosion resistant in marine environment.

ferry seats skeleton

Seat Frame

The seat frame including beams, legs, tracks is joint to a whole group. The seat skeleton is fixed on the seat frame with bolts and nuts. The material of the seat frame is aluminum profile extrusion. The aluminum must be thick enough to make sure the strength of the ferry seats. The surface treatment of the seat frame is anodizing. The anodizing treatment servce three purposes. First , it is a decoration for the ferry seats making the seat looking bright and shining. Second, It improves the corrosion resistant ability for ferry seats. Third,it increases the aluminum surface hardness. The assemble procedure for the seat frame is as below.

Tracks also called rails. It is mounted on the deck floor with rivets or bolts. usually we need to weld a embedded part on the deck for fixing rivets or bolts. The tracks is 5 meters long , we can also cut it 2.5 meters for easy shipment.

ferry seats tracks

The legs stand on the track with a custom made long bolts inside it.

ferry seats legs

The beam is fitted into the two legs properly.

ferry seats beams

Fix the custom made long bolts with nuts.

Then , the seat frame is assembled.


armrest is also made of aluminum profile. It looks like long aluminum strips but with rounded corner. The armrest can be made into various shapes. After the armrests were maded into a certain shape, the anodizing treatment must be processed to make the surface flawless and smooth. Armrest is installed on the beam and fixed with bolts.


The ferry seat cushion and backrest have two pieces of foam attached on the seat skeleton.The material of the foam is PU.It is produced by casting tooling to a certain shape.The foam must be high rebound to ensure the service life of the ferry seats.What’s more the foam must be fire retardant. The foam fire retardant testing should be conducted in IMO HSC certificate application for the ferry seats.

ferry seats skeleton


Upholstery can be fire retardant fabric, artificial leather , real leather.
Upholstery must be durable , easy to maintain, and most importantly, it must be fire retardant.
Fire retardant testing for the upholstery is another necessary procedure for class approval testing for the ferry seats.

Plastic components

The plastic components including beam ends and track ends. The main purpose of the plastic components is decoration and covering up the sharp corner of the aluminum beam and tracks. The material of the plastic components is ABS.The plastic components must be high strength.


A lot fastener is used to assemble the ferry seats. It is extremely important in terms of the strength of the ferry seats and passengers safety. The fastener is including bolts ,nuts and washers. All items must be high quality stainless steel material.

Trasea Marine as the leading ferry seats manufacturer specialize in ferry seats in industry for 20 years will produce the ferry seat with top quality material as always. We welcome shiyard and ship owner clients all over the world to visit our factory.We are looking forward to make progress together with all our clients.

TRA-04 Ferry Seats Delivered to Russia

TRA-04 Ferry Seats Delivered to Russia

Trase accomplished the Russia project is the year 2022 total 240pcs TRA-04 ferry seats for 2 passenger vessels.

The Russia client approach Trasea on June 2021 for the manufacturing of passenger seats for 2 sister vessels. Each vessel has 120 seats.

It is the first time that the two companies have the opportunity to cooperate with each other. After the Russian client compared several ferry seats manufacturers. Trasea Marine was appointed as the final supplier of the ferry seats for two vessels. Trasea’s professional and 20 years experience in ferry seats industry always stand out from others and make cliets rest assured not only about the product quality but also the quick reaction services.

Before mass production, client asked for a seat sample to be shipped to them for testing. Trasea is satisfied about this and sample was finished with 5 days. After the client received the ferry seats samples. they are very happy about the ferry seats, either the seats design or the seat quality. That makes them place the mass order very quickly and trustingly.

There are 2 vessels, each vessel has 120pcs ferry seats . all ferry seats are double seats configuration.
Acceossries as below
Snack table at the back of each seat
Seat belt for each seat
Grab handle for each seat
Life jacket bag under each seat to storage life jacket

The ferry seats order was finished ahead of schedule and shipped to client by a 40HQ container.

We are glad to receive the feedback from the Russian client . Client are very happy with the quality of the ferry seats and also satisfied with Trasea excellent service.There are total two sister vessels to be equiped with Trasea ferry seats. The blue fabric seat cover match the interier design perfectly. The TRA-04 ferry seats will give passengers ultimate comfort with its wide cushion and backrest.
Client install the two boats ferry seats by themselves under the Trasea instruction. The strong structure comply to the HSC IMO. Passenger’ safety can be assured.

Trasea ferry seats have a very long service life. Most client purchased Trasea ferry seats before 5-6 years. The ferry seats are still in perfect condition without much maintaining.

It is also a very happy experience for Trasea to serve client in Russia. We are looking forward to serve more and more Russian shipyard and ship owners.

ferry seats

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