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Best Ferry Chairs for Economy Class

Best Ferry Chairs for Economy Class

Ferry chairs is the most important part when it comes to ship outfitting. The ferry chairs value is always on the top of the purchasing list. However, Purchasing the proper ferry chairs never gonna be easy.

First we need to know, almost all the ferry chairs are aluminum frame. There are two reasons why it should be aluminum. first, Aluminum is corrosion resist and it is the best material to stand sea environment. second it is lighter than other material. The strength of the aluminum must be ensured. The ferry chairs dynamic load test must be conducted under the rules of IACS.

Since it is economy class, cost saving should be be taken into consideration. We can choose some less luxury ferry chair. Though the ferry chair is not luxury , comfort can never be ignored. Nowadays, the foam cushioned ferry chair is still the top one choice for most passenger ferry economy class. The upholstery can be fabric and synthetic leather, the fabric is more durable than synthetic leather and synthetic leather is easier to maintain.

The ferry chairs for economy class don’t need to be too luxury,so the cushion width of the ferry chairs normally are 450mm. the seat pitch is 850mm for fixed seat and 1000mm for reclining seat.

We have many options for ferry chairs armrests installation.
Armrests can be installed at two ends, it will reduce the width of a single row.
Armrests installed between every seat and two ends will give each passenger private space.
There are two types of armrest, one is open armrest, and the other is closed armrest. Ship owner can choose by their own preference.

Almost every ship owner or ship builder require to have a bag under the ferry chairs to storage life jacket. First it is very convenient for passenger to fetch it in a emergency. Second. We don’t need to find any other space to storage life jacket. Usually , The life jacket bag are custom made according to the life jacket dimension to make sure the bag fit the life jacket perfectly.

Trasea TRA-02 , TRA-03 are the most popular ferry chairs used in many passenger vessels all over the world. Client can choose any color they like to match the interier design of their passenger vessel. Most importantly. they are very durable and easy to maintain. The service life can be 10 years.

Trasea as the leading manufacturer for ferry chairs in China will constantly offer the best ferry chairs at at competive price for ferry operator and ferry builder all over the world.

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