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TRA-04 Marine Passenger Seats To India

TRA-04 Marine Passenger Seats Are Ready To Be Shipped To India

Trasea accomplish another marine passenger seats project for a India ship builder.
It is the first time we supply marine passenger seats to this Indian company, The company has been providing In-situ machining solutions for over four decades for industries such as steel,diesel power, thermal power, marine.Trasea as a well-recognized and professional organization is thought as the best choice to produce the marine passenger seats for their hovercraft.

Client choose the TRA-04 fixed backrest marine passenger seats for their hovercraft. TRA-04 is the most popular type especially for business class. The headrest two color combination desgin increase the appearance of the marine passenger seats. The extra wide foam of cushion and backrest fully surround the passengers providing extra space and privacy for passengers. The armrest material is well anodised aluminum.The surface is smooth and glossy. Unlike the economy seats 40mm width armrest, the TRA-04 marine passenger seats armrest is 50mm width.It not only bring more comfort but also increase the space between each seat. TRA-04 type marine passenger seats is high back design which can fully support passenger’s waist ,back,and also the head. It offers maximum comfort and creating an impressive visual arrangement.

The seat cover is fire retardant vinyl.It is very comfortable and durable. Most importantly, it is very easy to maintain. Various colors available to meet the special cabin design and different ship owners’ preference.

Trasea is the leading marine seats manufacturer in China. We have been cooperating with clients from more than 50 countries and accomplishing marine passenger seats for 100 vessel each year. We work together with many world famous brand with different natures including ship builder, ship owner, ship designing ,and even ferry service companies.Trasea deeply knows client’s requirement and always consider standing in the position of the client to develop custom-made solutions.

If you are in need of marine passenger seats, Please contact us immediately , Trasea trained employee will take fast response and provide most professional technical support. You can also learn from below articals about our marine passenger seats.

Passenger Boat Seats Delivered to Indonesia Shipyard

Passenger Boat Seats Delivered to Indonesia Shipyard

2022 is another hard year in China for passenger boat seats manufacturing due to covid 19. Thanks to the China government hard working , we are glad everything return normal now. The passenger boat seats production and shipment are operated as usual.

We are please that we eventually finished the production of the passenger boat seats for a Indonesia shipyard in this hard time and ready to be shipped out.

This is the third project Trasea cooperated with this shipyard. Trasea high quality product and good service always help us win repeated orders.

This time, shipyard choose TRA-04 for the business class. The details as below
5 seats row configuration.
Synthetic leather for upholstery chose by client.
Closed armrest between each seat and at two ends.
Each seat equipped with safe belt to maximum the passengers safety.
Each seat with a bag under the seat to storage life jacket.
Document pocket at the back of the seat.
Headrest cover to keep head part to be clean.

All the passenger boat seats are aluminum frame which can stand 12G vessel acceleration.
All the passenger boat seats are IMO HSC complied.
The upholstery an foam is fire retardant which test approved.
Trasea provide 3 years warranty for all passenger boat seats.

Whether you are in need of passenger boat seats for your new built ferry or refurbishing your passenger ferry. Trasea is always your first choice.
Trasea provide free design and samples for shipyards and ferry service companies all over the world.

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TRA-04 Ferry Seats Delivered to Russia

TRA-04 Ferry Seats Delivered to Russia

Trase accomplished the Russia project is the year 2022 total 240pcs TRA-04 ferry seats for 2 passenger vessels.

The Russia client approach Trasea on June 2021 for the manufacturing of passenger seats for 2 sister vessels. Each vessel has 120 seats.

It is the first time that the two companies have the opportunity to cooperate with each other. After the Russian client compared several ferry seats manufacturers. Trasea Marine was appointed as the final supplier of the ferry seats for two vessels. Trasea’s professional and 20 years experience in ferry seats industry always stand out from others and make cliets rest assured not only about the product quality but also the quick reaction services.

Before mass production, client asked for a seat sample to be shipped to them for testing. Trasea is satisfied about this and sample was finished with 5 days. After the client received the ferry seats samples. they are very happy about the ferry seats, either the seats design or the seat quality. That makes them place the mass order very quickly and trustingly.

There are 2 vessels, each vessel has 120pcs ferry seats . all ferry seats are double seats configuration.
Acceossries as below
Snack table at the back of each seat
Seat belt for each seat
Grab handle for each seat
Life jacket bag under each seat to storage life jacket

The ferry seats order was finished ahead of schedule and shipped to client by a 40HQ container.

We are glad to receive the feedback from the Russian client . Client are very happy with the quality of the ferry seats and also satisfied with Trasea excellent service.There are total two sister vessels to be equiped with Trasea ferry seats. The blue fabric seat cover match the interier design perfectly. The TRA-04 ferry seats will give passengers ultimate comfort with its wide cushion and backrest.
Client install the two boats ferry seats by themselves under the Trasea instruction. The strong structure comply to the HSC IMO. Passenger’ safety can be assured.

Trasea ferry seats have a very long service life. Most client purchased Trasea ferry seats before 5-6 years. The ferry seats are still in perfect condition without much maintaining.

It is also a very happy experience for Trasea to serve client in Russia. We are looking forward to serve more and more Russian shipyard and ship owners.

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