Ferry seats

Ferry Seats Delivered to Russia

Ferry Seats Delivered to Russia

In 2022, we successfully completed a project for a Russia-based client, manufacturing a total of 240 TRA-04 ferry seats for two passenger vessels.The project began in June 2021 when the client approached us for the production of passenger seats for two sister vessels, each with 120 seats. This was the first time our two companies had the opportunity to cooperate, and after comparing several ferry seat manufacturers, the client chose us as the final supplier. Our 20 years of experience and professionalism in the ferry seat industry stood out, giving clients peace of mind regarding the product quality and quick response services.

Before mass production, the client requested a seat sample for testing, which we provided within five days. Upon receiving the ferry seat samples, the client was very pleased with both the design and quality, resulting in a quick and trusting mass order placement.

Each vessel was equipped with 120 double seat configuration ferry seats, including accessories such as a snack table at the back of each seat, a seat belt, grab handle, and a life jacket bag under each seat for storage.

The ferry seat order was completed ahead of schedule and shipped to the client in a 40HQ container. The client provided positive feedback, expressing their satisfaction with the quality of the ferry seats and our excellent service. The blue fabric seat cover perfectly matched the interior design, and the TRA-04 ferry seats provided ultimate comfort with their wide cushion and backrest.

The client installed the ferry seats themselves under our instruction, and the strong structure complied with the HSC IMO, ensuring passenger safety.

Our ferry seats have a long service life, with many clients still using seats purchased six years ago without much maintenance required.

We are delighted to have served a client in Russia and look forward to serving more Russian shipyards and ship owners in the future.

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