Ferry seats

Ferry Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Ferry Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Ferry seats are an essential component of ferry transportation. They are designed to provide a comfortable and safe journey for passengers who are traveling by boat or ship across a body of water. Ferry seats come in different types, styles, and comfort levels depending on the class of seating and type of ferry.

When outfitting a ferry, selecting the right seats is crucial. It not only enhances the overall appearance of the vessel but also ensures passengers have the utmost comfort during their journey. However, ferry seats must meet specific requirements to withstand the sea environment and ensure passenger safety. They must comply with the rules and regulations of various organizations, including IACS, and undergo fire retardant and dynamic load testing.

All ferry seat frames are made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum material. Additionally, the foam and upholstery used in ferry seats must be fireproof and meet IMO rules.

Ferry seats consist of various parts such as tracks, legs, beams, armrests, and seats. They come in different seating configurations, such as three, four, five, or six seats in a row. Moreover, they feature various accessories that can be standard or custom-made, including life jacket bags, document pockets, headrest covers, cup holders, snack tables, safe belts, and grab handles.

Ferry seats come in different sizes and materials. The seat cushion width is typically 450mm, and the armrest can be 40mm, 50mm, or 80mm for VIP seats. The upholstery material can be fabric, artificial leather, or cow leather, and clients can choose from various colors to suit their preferences and the ferry’s interior design.

When selecting ferry seats, it’s essential to consider the exterior and interior seating options. Exterior seats are suitable for upper deck outdoor areas and must withstand rainy and sunny weather conditions. The material used for exterior seats typically includes plastic, aluminum, or textilene.

As a specialized industry, only a few manufacturers worldwide produce ferry seats. It’s advisable to cooperate directly with the manufacturer to get a competitive price and guaranteed quality. We are a leading ferry seat manufacturer with 20 years of experience supplying seats to over 80 countries. Many ferry seats projects are still in perfect condition even after five years, and the prices are highly competitive. Additionally, We offer a three-year warranty and will replace any damaged ferry seats within that time.

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