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Ferry Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Ferry Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Ferry seats is a kind of passenger seats specially used in passenger vessels. It is the most important item when it comes to ship outfitting. The proper ferry seats will not only increase the vessel decoration level but also give passengers ultimate comfort during the jouney.

Unlike other passenger seats, We have some special requirement for ferry passenger seats to stand the sea environment and and keep passengers safety. What’s more. ferry seats must meet the rules of IACS and other Organization in different countries. The two main tests must be conducted are fire retardant testing and dynamic load test. The fire retardant is according to IMO FTP Code Part 8 and the dynamic load test is according to lnternational Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft, 2000 (2000 HSC Code) Annex 10 – Criteria for Testing and Evaluation of Revenue and Crew Seat.

All seat frame must be aluminum material. First aluminum is corrosion resist in sea environment. Secondly, aluminum is light weight compared with iron and steel material. It can minimize the weight of complete ferry seats to save fuel.
The foam and upholstery must be fire proof and pass the testing under IMO rules.

The ferry seats are made of different parts including track,legs, beam,armrest and seats. Usually they are loose package, When we assemble different parts together the ferry seats come out.

Ferry seats have various seating configuration depending on the general arrangement such 3 seats in a row. 4 seats in a row, 5 seats in a row, 6 seats in a row. Normamlly 2 or 3 legs for one row. The armrests are fixed at two ends of a row and a shared armrest between each seats.

There are also different accessories to the ferry seats. Some are for passengers safery, some is to bring passenger extra comfort during the trip. Some accessories are standard equipped. for example, life jacket bag under the seats to storage life jacket. the storage bag can be custom made according to the life jacket dimension. Document pocket , magazines, newspapers and other brochure can be put in the document pocket. Headrest cover, since it is very easy to get dirty on the headrest part of the seats. We can use a fabric to protect the headrest from getting dirty.

Some accessories can be equipped according to clients special requirement.
Cup holder for passengers to place their cups or beverages.
Snack table for passengers having meals during the trip.
Safe belt to ensure the passengers safety.
Grab handle bring passenger convenience when walk on the ferry.

The seat cushion width is 450mm,the armrest can be 40mm or 50mm, some armrest for VIP seats can be 80mm.
The ferry seats can be fixed backrest and reclining backrest. Reclining ferry seats can be backward 200mm.

Two common materials of the ferry seats upholstery are fabric and artificial leather. Both material must be flame proof. Sometimes ferry seats in VIP room will use cow leather. Different colors of upholstery are available. Client can choose the color according to their own preferences and interier design of their passenger ferry.

Many passenger ferries have exterier seats and interier seat. For interier ferry seats, usually in main deck and upper deck indoor area. For exterier ferry seats. usually on upper deck outdoor area. The material used for exterier ferry seats must stand the rainy and sunny weather. Three materials are normally used for exterier ferry seats plastic , aluminum, textilene.

Ferry seat as a very special industry. only a few manufacturers in the world can produce it. Now more and more trading companies and distributors came out. It is advisible to cooperate directly with the manufacturer. First, manufacturers can offer more competitive price. Second quality can be guaranteed.

Trasea as one of the world leading manufacturer in ferry seats industry. They have 20 years experience producing and supplying ferry seats to more 80 countries. Many clients bought their ferry seats more than 5 years ago, The ferry seats are still in perfect condition. What is more, Trasea ferry seats price is most competive compared with other suppliers. Most importantly,they offer 3 years warranty. Any damage to the ferry seats within 3 years. They will make you a new seats to replace it.

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