Ferry seats

The Ferry Seats Components and Its Material

The Ferry Seats Components and Its Material

Ferry seats is composed of different parts including seat skeleton, beams , legs ,armrest , tracks and ect. When we assemble all these parts together, the ferry seats come out.Ferry seats is most important part for ship outfitting. The ship owners always pay much attention on the material used for ferry seats. The ship owner choose appropriate ferry seats material not only for the class approval but also for the long service life. Below is the materials used in diferent part of a ferry seat.

Seat skeleton

The seat skeleton must be made of aluminum tube. Firstly the aluminum tube is light weight compared with iron and steel tube. Secondly aluminum tube is much more durable than iron and steel tube due to its corrosion resistant in marine environment.

ferry seats skeleton

Seat Frame

The seat frame including beams, legs, tracks is joint to a whole group. The seat skeleton is fixed on the seat frame with bolts and nuts. The material of the seat frame is aluminum profile extrusion. The aluminum must be thick enough to make sure the strength of the ferry seats. The surface treatment of the seat frame is anodizing. The anodizing treatment servce three purposes. First , it is a decoration for the ferry seats making the seat looking bright and shining. Second, It improves the corrosion resistant ability for ferry seats. Third,it increases the aluminum surface hardness. The assemble procedure for the seat frame is as below.

Tracks also called rails. It is mounted on the deck floor with rivets or bolts. usually we need to weld a embedded part on the deck for fixing rivets or bolts. The tracks is 5 meters long , we can also cut it 2.5 meters for easy shipment.

ferry seats tracks

The legs stand on the track with a custom made long bolts inside it.

ferry seats legs

The beam is fitted into the two legs properly.

ferry seats beams

Fix the custom made long bolts with nuts.

Then , the seat frame is assembled.


armrest is also made of aluminum profile. It looks like long aluminum strips but with rounded corner. The armrest can be made into various shapes. After the armrests were maded into a certain shape, the anodizing treatment must be processed to make the surface flawless and smooth. Armrest is installed on the beam and fixed with bolts.


The ferry seat cushion and backrest have two pieces of foam attached on the seat skeleton.The material of the foam is PU.It is produced by casting tooling to a certain shape.The foam must be high rebound to ensure the service life of the ferry seats.What’s more the foam must be fire retardant. The foam fire retardant testing should be conducted in IMO HSC certificate application for the ferry seats.

ferry seats skeleton


Upholstery can be fire retardant fabric, artificial leather , real leather.
Upholstery must be durable , easy to maintain, and most importantly, it must be fire retardant.
Fire retardant testing for the upholstery is another necessary procedure for class approval testing for the ferry seats.

Plastic components

The plastic components including beam ends and track ends. The main purpose of the plastic components is decoration and covering up the sharp corner of the aluminum beam and tracks. The material of the plastic components is ABS.The plastic components must be high strength.


A lot fastener is used to assemble the ferry seats. It is extremely important in terms of the strength of the ferry seats and passengers safety. The fastener is including bolts ,nuts and washers. All items must be high quality stainless steel material.

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