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TRA-04 Marine Passenger Seats To India

TRA-04 Marine Passenger Seats Are Ready To Be Shipped To India

We have successfully completed yet another project involving marine passenger seats for an Indian shipbuilding company. This marks our first supply of marine passenger seats to this particular client, which has been providing in-situ machining solutions for over four decades to industries such as steel, diesel power, thermal power, and marine. Our company is recognized as a professional organization, making us the ideal choice to produce marine passenger seats for their hovercraft.

The client selected TRA-04 fixed backrest marine passenger seats for their hovercraft, which is a popular choice for business class passengers. The two-color combination design of the headrest enhances the appearance of the marine passenger seats. The extra-wide foam of the cushion and backrest fully surround passengers, providing additional space and privacy. The armrest material is anodized aluminum, ensuring a smooth and glossy surface. Unlike economy seats with a 40mm armrest width, the TRA-04 marine passenger seats feature 50mm armrests, providing more comfort and increasing the space between each seat. The high-back design of the TRA-04 type fully supports passengers’ waist, back, and head, offering maximum comfort and an impressive visual arrangement.

The seat cover is made of fire retardant vinyl, ensuring both comfort and durability. Most importantly, it is easy to maintain. Various colors are available to meet specific cabin designs and the preferences of different ship owners.

We are the leading marine seats manufacturer in China, having cooperated with clients from over 50 countries and completed marine passenger seats for 100 vessels each year. We collaborate with many world-renowned brands, including shipbuilders, ship owners, ship designers, and even ferry service companies. We are deeply committed to understanding clients’ requirements and always considers custom-made solutions from the client’s perspective.

If you require marine passenger seats, please contact us immediately, and our trained employees will respond promptly and provide the most professional technical support. You can also refer to the articles below to learn more about our marine passenger seats.

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